I'm Clement Deconinck

Student - Thinker - Reader

Hello! I’m Clement Deconinck.

Educated in France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Argentina. Fluent in five languages. Book freak and technology wizard, always eagerly expanding my knowledge via books, online courses, summer courses, CEO round tables, and networking events. Driven by building new projects and exploring new opportunities where I can fully use my analytical and data-driven approach to problem-solving, I am interested in serious work leads and internship opportunities. Seeking to become a generalist in a specialized world.

22 years
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Mechelen, Belgium
Walter Patterson

My Services

I offer insights that allow organizations to make confident choices and act with purpose. I find the focal point between the interests of organizations and the expectations of society.

web design
Integrated Strategic Communication
graphic design
Messaging Strategy
Campaign Strategy
app development
Digital Strategy

My Skills

As a generalist, I am a quick learner and specialize in multitude of skills required for marketing communications

Data Analytics90%
Behavioral Analysis90%
Message architecture75%
Market Research70%
Focus Group Moderation70%
Data Analysis60%
Target Group Analysis60%



FINN (2022-2022)

As an intern, I was aware of the client's business challenges and translated them into viable, high-impact communication strategies and campaigns. I helped clients make informed decisions about their communication approach.

FINN is a strategic communication office in Brussels with a strong focus on innovation and quality. FINN is also successful, award-winning growth company. .

Student Job: City marketing team

City of Kortrijk (2015-2018)
app development

Based on communication strategies and plans, I ensured precise execution of the chosen strategy. As an intern, I was the point of contact for the client. I ensured that the campaigns were delivered on time, within budget and to the highest quality, and I reported on the outcome to the my team leader.

I ensured that all noses were in the same direction, both among colleagues and freelancers with whom I worked for the municipality..

Bachelor of Arts, International Communication and Media

Thomas More university College. (2019-2022)
web design

Deep dive into all aspects of communication and media and Explored the intercultural, psychological, marketing and technological aspects of media, communication

Created multiple marketing campaigns (B2B, B2C) and Courses in: International and Digital Marketing

Bachelor of Arts, Business Innovation

Estonian University of Applied Sciences (2021-2021)
full stack

Erasmus exchange program and courses in: Management, Ideation, Concepting and Business Creation

Participated in the 'Starter Idea Tallinn' start-up incubator program and participated in the creation of three start-ups (U-Foodie, Blabby and ProXio)

Client Testimonials

Clement displays exemplary professionalism and is able to take on challenges. He learns quickly and is an asset to any team.
An Deconinck
Public affairs specialist
client 1
Clement displays exemplary knowledge and is able to take on a wide range of challenges. He is an avid life long learner and is an asset to any company.
Nicolas Deconinck
Senior policy adivsor, French government
client 1
Clement is a great co-worker and problem solver. He is quick to extend his helping hand and makes a good team player.
Felicitas Ibazeta
Economist in training
client 1
Clement is a great consultant and great strategist. He is quick to understand the problem and makes a amazing consultant.
Miguel Santos
Digital marketing specialist
client 1

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